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  • Vetting, A-Keys, and Meta-Data Blockchains Form the foundation of our Learning eco-system.


  • An A-Key and Public Token is established for each Learner.


  • The combination of Vetting, A-Keys, and Blockchains safeguard your Private Information and ensure all your Content can be tracked.

Key Features of Our Learning Network!


Token holders can vote information to help validate information.

Build Authority

The Network uses the tokens to build authority that is used to value the information.

Sharing Data

Token owners are rewarded with an increase in Authority when they create new information to share.

Verified Information

Various AI and human methods are used to ensure that the Network can “trust” the information though a “Verification” Process.

In order to ensure better information.  Only those people that have joined, received their “A-Key” & “Token,” and agreed to the communications policy of respect, can add value to the community.


(To join you must have a Linkedin Profile.  This is to help the community better value your contributions.)

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